Top 3 Sciatica Pain Relief Pillows- Comfort At A Low Price.


Do you sit down for to many painful hours or would love sciatic pain relief when you sleep? Do you need a Sciatica driving pillow?

Do you move around to different seats, adjust yourself 500 times, roll from side to side, or get up and stretch every 30 minutes?

Let’s change that!

I used to drive 300 miles a couple times a week for work. I’d never think of doing that now, without having a pillow to keep my back from spazing out. Oh gosh and at night when you keep rolling back and forth trying to get a comfortable position with a pillow between your legs.

Today I am going to go over 4 Sciatica Pain Relief Pillows that will change your life forever.

ComfiLife Gel-Enhanced Coccyx Seat Cushion ComfiLife-Gel-Pillow

This 100% high-density memory foam is topped with a cooling gel. The cool therapy helps relax your nerves, while the memory foam is cut out on the back which supports your tailbone. The design of the pillow itself promotes good posture and spinal alignment.

The handle on the side makes it very portable. Bottom surface is slip resistant, so you are not having to repeatedly adjust or have the pillow slide off the chair. Slip cover is machine washable. Best of all, ComfiLife is unmatched with its competitors.

Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.7 x 2.8 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Cheapest Buy : Amazon $32.95

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Lumbar-Pillow

Remember when I brought up a pillow that saved my life, well here you go!

When I was working at my desk, on and off my feet for 16 hours a day, and never giving my back a break this baby gave me relief!

This contoured memory foam cushion sits on the small of your back, supporting your vertebrae discs and giving you sciatic pain relief. The curve of the pillow is what helps you maintain good posture, using the natural curve of your spine. Plus, it is 100% high-density memory foam for amazing comfort and constant sciatica relief.

Dimensions: 15 x 12.5 x 4.7 inches

Weight: 1.25 pound

Cheapest Buy : Amazon $21.95

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee PillowKnee-Pillow

Just like keeping great posture when you sit down, you need to keep the proper spinal alignment when laying on your side. When you sleep in an unnatural position for hours, your back pain worsens. Because your hips get the majority of the pressure, you want to relieve that pressure by adding a pillow between your legs.

Most pillows tend to get thrown own of place or lose their firmness. The 100% premium quality durable memory foam creates the support you need for long-lasting comfort. Placing the sciatic nerve pillow between your thighs takes the strain off of your back and relieves the pressure. This allows you to get that full night sleep with a pain free morning that you deserve.

Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches

Weight: 12 ounces

Cheapest Buy : Amazon $23.95

Remove strain, relieve pain.

Whether you travel for work, type at a computer, run around all day, play a sport, or just want pain relief, these 3 products are the highest rated against any of their competitors. They definitely have my vote!




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  1. Thabo says:

    Wow these are great pillow and the information is timely because the other day I was thinking of getting a good pillow since I am an athlete because my pillow that I am using gives me less comfort for my neck.
    I especially love the COMFILIFE ORTHOPEDIC KNEE PILLOW as it can surely help with the proper resting of my knee at night. I will definitely try it.
    Thanx for the information.

    1. Yes, I probably rotate my pillows quite often unless I can find a quality pillow. How you sleep effects how you feel the next day, especially if you are an athlete. The knee pillow is great for anyone really, thank you for your support!

  2. Hi, I can completely relate with you about the driving situations. Whenever I drive long-distance I am in so much pain. I think I will look into this. Can you recommend a place to purchase? Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow! Great post. I’m bad about laying on my side and not using a pillow between my knees. I can tell you that I definitely feel it in my back the next morning. And, honestly, I’m feeling it more as I get older. I’ll definitely look into these pillows for some help. Thank you for reminding me of how important it is to support my back and hips when sleeping.

    1. Thank you, Chris! I used to be able to just sleep on my side and not really think about it, now I feel like I’m crushing my lungs and my legs get all jumpy if I don’t use a pillow! I love these too because they are so light weight, you can take them anywhere! I am glad it helps, thank you for the support!

  4. I have some medical issues that have come up recently. As part of the testing, the doctors did an MRI of my spine. One of the things noted was sciatica. It doesn’t seem like to much of an issue for now, but I’m sure I’ll be needing one of these soon. I’ll have to keep these in mind. Thanks

    1. Yes! Sciatica is something you can control and maybe even get rid of depending on the reason for your sciatica. I will be doing a post on different reason and eventually how to help each one!

  5. I have a friend that has sciatica pain I will share this article with them maybe this could really help them thank you for this article

    1. The Sciatica Pillows work for all kinds of back pain! They are just great to have around the house, I am glad to help!

  6. These pillows look great and it’s very important to have proper support for the neck. I found the article very interesting, thanks.

    1. Thank you Helen! The nice part about them is that the Sciatica Pillows are universal! They can be used for simple pains, daily stress, or just support!

  7. Very useful information, and products on how to relieve pain. My girlfriend suffers from this, and I am sure she would benefit from these products. I will let her know about your article right away. Thank you for sharing. Tom

    1. Thank you for the support Tom! Yes the pillows can be used for anyone and can be very versatile! You might be borrowing them more than you think hah! The Lumbar pillow is my favorite!

  8. This is a great post! I am an accountant and I sit for most of my day on a computer. Many times I get pain in my hips and back end and have to stand up and move around and stretch. I think this would really help. Thank you for the information!

    1. Honestly the lumbar pillow is my favorite! You will see your posture improve, as well as your back!

  9. great information. My daughter in law suffers from lower back pain the doctor says that a couple of her vertebrae are fused together she moves a lot in her job so she does not sit for long periods of time we have no tried pillows, which of these pillows you think would be good or her? we have tried everything but as you said the regular pillow keeps shifting

    1. The ComfiLife Gel Seat cushion would probably be the one I would go with. It would give her relief while she is sitting or driving, then she can put it in between her legs while she sleeps. I would honestly look into

      When looking it up it seems that she is in the same position as I; this is something that will be an ongoing battle. Pillows, insoles, and meditation might be her best bets!

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