Best Shoe Insoles – Prevent Lower Back Pain



 Creating Back Pain.

Did you know how much our feet dramatically affect our body and alignment?

Your arch is there to help absorb the shock from the pressure, as you place your foot down. If that arch is not properly supported, it will begin to collapse. If your foot is hitting the ground incorrectly, your body will compensate by adjusting your leg, knee and hip thus resulting in endless pain.

Insoles are there to support your arch, helping to prevent sciatic flare-ups, as well as other pains that come along with improper alignment. Shoe insoles should be firm. Gel based or soft insoles may feel good at the time due to the cushion, but they do not give your body the support it needs.

The Cost Of Custom Insoles.

Finding the right shoes and insoles for your feet can be costly. You can go to a great foot store and have a mold made for your feet. They then take the mold and make an insole specifically for your foot. Then you buy a new pair of shoes that work specifically for your activities and foots needs. How amazing is that!

The $1000 bill isn’t that amazing, especially when the shoes will last you on average 6 months to a year. If you are on your feet for a higher percentage of time, that can shoot down to 3 months. Although having professionally made shoes is probably the best thing for you, I have regular bills I need to pay! Okay so what, you walk through Walmart, see a sale for shoe insoles 3 for $10 and say “Well that will have to do!”

Just because we cannot afford or don’t want to afford the professionally made shoes, does not mean we give up on our feet and hope for the best. Guess what, it will not work.

Ignoring The Problem.

Did ignoring a problem ever solve it? Those dirty clothes you threw in your closet to avoid washing them, did they ever get clean? We all do it in some way or another!

We walk, run, jump, and workout out feet every day, the least we can do is take care of them.

I am going to find you an insole for every activity and foot structures for a price that I feel comfortable paying. We don’t need to break the bank to take care of ourselves.

Wouldn’t you like to avoid that aggressive flare up that is just waiting for you to take the wrong step? Literally.


Selner Tx – First Adjustable Orthotic Foot Insole

The Selner Tx has 19 different ways for you to fine-tune your insole just by a turn of a wheel. You can adjust the arch and where the arch is, so that you have the perfect insole made for your foot at fraction of the cost.

The Selner Tx is made of a unique, durable plastic that flexes when you are active, so whether you are Selner-Heelrunning, jumping, walking, swinging, or dancing your foot is supported. The duel foam adds to the comfort and protects your foot from the everyday forces it is up against.

Downside is they come in specific sizes and there is only 10 left in stock.

$99 and free shipping on Amazon.



Buyers are very happy with the ability to have a professional, orthopedic grade insole for such an amazing price. Some were even saying that the Selner-Tx gave them more comfort than their professional orthopedics. “Feels like you are walking on a cloud.”


Overall great feedback, but the one negative is the dial causing discomfort to a couple of buyers. They said that they would take the dial out or move it around, but the problem would remain that it was just uncomfortable to walk with the insole.

Corefit Self Moldable Custom Orthopedics.

Corefit allows you to make your own insole, molded by you just for your foot!Corefit

When you dip the Corefit Insole into boiling hot water it softens, allowing you to mold the insole to the bottom of your foot. After you have made the insole that is perfect for you, at room temperature it cools down to its solid state. If you are unhappy with the mold, just heat it back up and adjust!

Made for men, woman, and children!

$59.95 and free shipping on Amazon.


People love how easy the product is to mold. Many say that they walk straighter and the pain in their back is completely gone!


The cons are all about the same. There is definitely some frustration with the product squeaking in your shoe, the mold falling out of place after wearing them for a day, and the mold actually cracking after a month or so.

I did see some in there of the mold not fitting correctly and feeling uncomfortable. With the 30 day return policy Amazon has and Corefit’s great customer service, they were able to get their money back.

Z-CoiL Z-Fit Black Custom Arch Insole For Men & Woman

Z-CoiL allows you to adjust your insole based on your arch type. You are not only able to find arches that work great for your feet, but you are not committed to the same size on both feet. Your arch might be different on either side, so you are able to customize them to fit your needs.

$35.99 on Amazon.

For Men’s Sizes

For Woman’s Sizes


Many repeat buyers! Customers love the ability to change out the arch for each foot! They walk straighter and Z-Coil has changed their lives.


Z-Coil only makes whole sizes for their shoes and insoles. Always select the size smaller and they will fit your shoe just fine! The other con was the heel of the shoe insert not having as cushion as they would hope.



An Arch For Every Activity.

Whether you are on the field, in the office, out in nature, or in the kitchen these insoles are designed for every movement, for any foot type!

Get the relief you deserve and stop wasting your money on flimsy insoles that are not giving you the relief you deserve!




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  1. Hi Delaney
    I get sciatica a lot and I am going to try a couple of your recommendations cos do I need relief when it occurs
    so painful and I’m looking forward to some relief
    Thank you for sharing this great info

    1. Yes it is no fun to be in pain! Anything you can do to take care of your feet, go for it! If we don’t take care of ourselves who will?

  2. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    I have problems with sciatica, and finding good shoes for it is quite a problem, since they are expensive.. But the one that you show isn’t so expensive, and it seems to be a good one! Will check it out for sure!

    1. I am with you on that! Shoes and insoles can cost hundreds of dollars! These are a great alternative for a fraction of the cost! You have to take care of your body!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I get these pains all the time and I have to admit I have been lazy and not done anything about it, but times should change! You are right, I should take care of my feet and get one of these insoles.
    Thanks for the motivation and wake up call!

    1. We all do it, I am no saint! Taking care of our body is so very important. Thank you for the support!

  4. Jason says:

    I have dealt with sciatica myself but have never looked into insoles before. Thanks for the info!

    1. Yes, the more support the better when dealing with Sciatica. Pillows, inserts, and shoes all play a huge roll!

  5. Hi Delanee, great article and so important. We all need to be so careful with our feet and alignment, and its such a great mission you are on to provide cost effective options for sciatica sufferers. Thank you so much for sharing your article on shoe insoles for sciatica, it great.

    1. Thank you Nicole! I am just hoping to help in any way I can!

  6. I never realized that insoles were so important or could do so much those affected by sciatica. Thanks for sharing your recommendations, very informative article! 🙂

    1. Your very welcome! I am glad I was able to help, thank you for the support!

  7. Hi Delanee,
    Luckily I have never suffered from Sciatica myself, but I do have a couple of people close to me that have and do suffer from it from time to time.
    I didn’t know or think about how your feet and stance would effect your Sciatica.
    I will definitely give them the link to your site so they can look themselves.
    Thanks for this great information.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Michael! Yes, our feet do not have it easy and we need to take care of them. Sciatica or not, it is always good to have good quality insoles! Thank you for your support!

  8. Hi Delanee,

    Great post. I am 6ft 5 so lower back issues are common for me. Sciatica not so much but I do get pain there sometimes. Your post is really thorough and you have offered some great advice and great products.

    I will definitely look into them. I wear Hoka One One running shoes that are the best shoes for running and helping your back. I will look into the insoles now too. Thank you,


    1. It never hurts to take care of your body! Your feet take a lot of the stress. I do want to look into shoes. I am in the gym a lot and it is important to have the right ones!

  9. Thank you for the article! This was great information to have! I wish I had know about all of this before I was pregnant, towards the end of the last trimester I felt like I just could not walk without having the siatica issue. Thanks for the article.

    1. Yes, I would say the Sciatica Pillows would help as well. Thank you for the support!

  10. CoconuttyWife says:

    I need at least those insoles so badly. My feet are in major pain a lot of the time, and I don’t even spend all day on them. Will the insole still be effective if I wear it with my old running shoes? Spending $150 + on some good running shoes isn’t really in my budget range right now.

    1. Delanee says:

      You are definitely able to put the insoles in your running shoes, however I would always suggest new soles with new shoes. I would suggest the Selner Tx if you do not plan on getting new shoes at this time, so that you can adjust then to the new shoe when you do!

  11. Fernando Estrada says:

    My mother always said that the sciatica was the pain point of their life. Now after read your post im sure that their attitude would change.

    Thanks for share with us the correct way tho choose our apparel and options for a better living. I would show them to my mom to choose the best for herself.

    I will contact you to be in touch!


    1. Delanee says:

      The correct insoles can save A LOT of pain! Life is stressful enough, we shouldn’t have to add to it!

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