No More Excuses – High Intensity 20-Minute Workout


This past week I have consistently been working out in the gym and boy do I feel great! Yes, there are those times during the night where my hip with feel off or I will get a shoot pain down my leg, but they are few and far between.

It has been nice not having to worry every moment or all night feeling such an aggressive pain. I am far from having a steady schedule, I just stayed up until 5am last night for gosh’ sake, but I am making sure to stick to the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, a week a go I was on and off the gym. Once a week to max three times a week I would scan my access card, life gets in the way.

Guilt Trip.

I was on the phone with my fiance when he said “we should just cancel your membership, you are wasting money.” I was so frustrated with him, that I made it a point to fit in the gym that day. Sure I was busy as heck; I had to run errands, knock out the dishes and light cleaning, hit the gym, and I only had 1 1/2 hours unit I had to get ready for work.

So I threw on my cape! Yes a cape, one of those errands was Walmart and it was for him. I took my all natural pre-workout and I was off. I didn’t think that I could fit in the gym and get a good workout in 20 minutes, that is why I never did it before. My first thought was always “that’s a waste of time” or “when I get there I will just have to leave.”

The Right Mindset.

I did not have 3 minutes to get warmed up for a 15-minute run on the treadmill today, so I decided to utilize the stairs outside. The fresh air sounded really nice.

Being in the sun is killer, especially when it is nearly 100 degrees. Please make sure if you are doing this, you are hydrated. I always have my water and pre-workout with me that has electrolytes, as well as a good breakfast before I head to the gym.

If you are planning on knocking out a killer workout in 20 minutes, you need to get the right songs playing. I chose “Today’s Hip-Hop on Pandora”, hey we all have our own preference!

So I began…

I ran down the stairs and back up them 2 twice. On the third time, I ran down the stairs and then squatted each stair. What I mean by that is I hopped up a step with both feet, then followed with a quick squat (you can hold the railing for security).

I squatted every single stair. When coming up from one squat I would push off and jump to the next stair. You need to make sure your shoes are not too big and you should stop if you are fatigued. I would knock out 5, stop and take a breath and then do 5 more.

When I got to the top, I would start doing lunges from one side of the patio to the opposite side.

I obviously do not like to take it easy, so I follow lunges by a squat walk. This is where you are in the squat position and you awkwardly walk forward. If you do not feel comfortable with the squat walk, you can lunge back.

It was time get my heartbeat racing again, so I decided to do one more round of stairs.

Less Weight, More Reps.

Cardio took no more than 3-5 minutes, leaving me with 15 minutes for the rest of my workouts. My heart was racing as I walked over to Leg Curl and Leg Extension Curl Machines. I adjusted the weight to 10 LBS-20 LBS, the goal is to do weight that is almost too light. I continued to do 3 sets of 10, bouncing back and forth in between sets.

When you are on any machine, you want to workout with quality. Do not rush through each rep, just because you are in a hurry. Slowly bring your leg to the position of the workout, hold it for 2 seconds, then release. You want to focus on the muscle you are working out. You will see people at the gym aggressively speeding through their workout, which does not do anything positive for you and you could actually hurt yourself.

Abs And Back.

At this point, I am heading over to the body fit room. There is a Back Extension Machine, a BOSU Ball, and Ab Sit Up Bench. I did again 3 sets of 10 reps rotating between each workout. Think of these 20 minutes as a body fit class, there are not any rest breaks.

Start with the Back Extension machine, I usually like to hold a 15-25 LBS weight while continuing through the workout. Toe Taps on the BOSU ball are a person favorite to keep the heart rate going. I grabbed a 5 LBS ball, held it above my head, and proceeded to do 50 toe taps. Last, but not least, was the Ab Curl. My back was flat on the bench with my arms straight out, I then curled my abs while bringing my hands towards the ceiling. There are also 5 LBS weight balls that you can add to this workout.

Tones Those Triceps.

My last stop was the Triceps Extension and Triceps Press. There was 5 minutes left, so I had plenty of time. It is very important to not use heavyweight and to take your time. I do not want to gain big bulky arms, the focus really needs to be on the muscle and boy you are about to feel the pain!

Don’t Forget To Stretch.

When I started with the cardio and before I go inside, I will usually throw my leg over the railing and stretch my hamstring. If I do not have time for a stretch after, I will do mini stretches while I am getting ready or even when I get to work. You might even be able to sit in a quick stretch in between each workout change.

If you want something, you will make the time. So the real question is, how bad do you want relief?

Comment below and let me know what your favorite 20 minute workouts are!





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  1. Now , that’s a lot of exercise! Good for you. It’s great to get a view of how one should work out. My wife has a big problem wit the sciatic nerve and her doctor has told her exactly that: a well done workout will help her find relief. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!

    1. Yes, though everything, I feel that exercise has definitely helped the most with my Sciatica. Getting a strong core to help your spine is the key! I wish your wife the best relief!

  2. Great article! A while back, I bought P90X and used to exercise 6 days a week and lost 15lbs. However, after I moved to Washington and changed my career from sitting in a desk for 8hrs a week to standing on my feet 8 hours week, I’m too tired to exercise when I get home. I know once I keep the rhythm going it should be ok, but getting myself to start is another story. I know I shouldn’t have any excuse since all I need is 20min a day. I am also afraid of the muscle pain that I am going to have for a week. The title is no excuse, but here I am making excuse again…lol! Anyway…I’ll try to get started again. Thanks

    1. I completely understand! When you are on your feet all of the time, the last thing you want to do it work out all of those muscles more. They are exhausted! The pain is a love, hate relationship. You know you are getting in a good workout, but you have to stick it out. There are a lot of natural recovery aids at your local farmers market, when certain foods aid in muscle recovery!

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