iReliev Playmaker Wireless TENS & EMS Unit – Is It The Right TENS Unit For You?


Buyers of the Reliev Playmaker everywhere are ecstatic about the relief they are receiving. Relief is something a lot of us are looking for, but to not have the time to search or even know where to begin. It is important to be completely confident in your purchase, especially when there is a nice little price tag attached to it.

I like to do all of my research on an item before I consider buying it and I am going to share with you my findings.

TENS Units – What are they?

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) stimulates your nerves using electrical pulses. These pulses are sent to your brain and as a result endorphins are released, creating relief for your body.

Tens units usually have a main remote with wires connecting to the pads. These electrode pads are placed on your body, often times with an electrode gel for higher relief.

Breakdown Of iReliev Playmaker.iReliev-PlayMaker

Unlike some of its competitors this device has 2 different types of therapies, TENS & EMS. TENS and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) work together to relax both muscle and nerve pain, resulting in a high level of relief.

iReliev Playmaker Wireless TENS & EMS Unit is FDA approved, so there have been many tests done to make sure you can wear the device with comfort.

What creates the desire for this product is the fact that it is wireless. You now have the ability to get the relief you need without having to hide your wires in public. Most TENS units are less expensive, but unfortunately are connected from remote to pads by wires.

With your iReliev device you have 14 different programs; 7 TENS, 1 Arthritis TENS, and 6 EMS. You are able to use up to 4 pods operating at once, which are very discrete (2.35″ width and .55″ height). Each pod works separately so you can control your sessions by choosing the therapy and intensity you would like, depending on where you place pod on your body.

With 25 different options of intensity, there is an intensity to fit everyone needs. Most buyers have said they do not need to go above level 18.

Each of your sessions can last between 5-60 minutes and once you have chosen your therapy, you are able to walk away from the remote. If you are teaching a class or on the dance floor, you can enjoy being hands free and not out of range.

iReliev gives you 3-5 hours of relief and you’re charging times for the remote is about 2 1/2 hours and for the pods is 1 1/2 hours.

ireliev-playmakerHow EMS Can Help You In Multiple Ways.

EMS is great for muscle pain using stimulation your motor nerves to contract and relax your muscles. This stimulation in repetition increases blood flow and circulation.

Increasing your blood flow helps with the prevention of inflammation and can prevent atrophy in people who have been injured.

If you are an avid traveler or planning on a vacation, you can use this device to relax your nerves and muscles during a long trip.

What Comes With Your iReliev.

You will receive a hard carrying case filled with an instruction manual and quick start guide, which is suggested that you start out with.

You will then find the following:

  • Your iReliev TENS & EMS Hand Control (4.33″ height) – with a back lit screen
  • 2 wireless pods (2.35″ width and .55″ height)
  • 1 USB adapter and charging cord
  • 2 electrode pads


DO NOT USE iReliev TENS & EMS muscle stimulator if you have an implanted defibrillator or have a cardiac pacemaker. It should not be used if you have heart rhythm problems. If you have ever had any issues with a TENS device, I would suggest consulting your doctor.

What Buyers Are Saying.


Buyers with chronic pain in their back, hip, and knee are relieved for hours. You have the ability to leave the house and tackle your chores, while leaving the remote at home! The will hold charge for about 3 hours, so you just recharge it when you get back home.

People are saying that the device works exactly as advertised and it is suggested to read the manual before you use your iReliev.

The ability to be in complete control of your sessions is a huge plus. Some days are different from others, so you can adapt to your body.

“This product is FANTASTIC!!!! Gives you the flexibility and convenience to receive treatments without wires.”


There has been some frustration with the device not working; the unit will turn off or the remotes will not work at all. Buyers will ave charged the device for 16 hours with it never completely charging.

Snapping the pads onto the pods can be a battle, as they do not go on easily. Trying to fit the pods under your clothes was an issue as well.

Overall, the main complaint was with the remotes not working consistently for buyers. Some reached out the seller and had a great interaction; the seller sent them a new remote as well as some extras. Some customers returned the item using Amazons 30-day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions.


  • How long do the pods last? Pods should last 20-30 times for 20 min sessions.
  • Do I need to separate pods and pads while charging? Yes, with pads attached the pods could overheat.
  • Should I use a topical pain rub or gel with my iReliev? People use pain rubs or gels to increase the conductivity, but do not immediately put pad on topical pain rub. Either put the pain rub around area or wait for the gel to dry. The pain rub could damage the pad or prevent you from experiencing the relief you are looking for.
  • Can I use iReliev while pregnant? Do not use device if you are pregnant.
  • Can iReliev be used all day? iReliev can be used all day for consecutive hours for a full day, depending on the pain relief you need.






(12) Comments

  1. Honestly, I don’t know a single person who hasn’t complain from some sort of pain.
    I know I do!
    The life is so busy, we all work so hard.
    Naturally, the pain will appear!
    Thank you so much for sharing this post.
    I know this information will be very useful for me and many more like me ( back pain, ouch!).

    1. I am with you on that! Thank you for the support!

  2. Holly knudson says:

    Great post. I learned a lot about TENS units. I almost bought one a few years back. I would love one of these for flying. I’m not a good flyer and am just so restless. It’s awesome they are wireless now and are able to provide relief for up to five hours. Thank you!

    1. Even on the hour flights I get very restless and get all kinds of body aches. The fact that iReliev is wireless and so small in size makes it so convenient for the flights! Wireless is more expensive, but worth the cost!

  3. David says:

    Great post packed with information. I had back surgery some years ago and at times still get some pain and I’m glad I came across this article and thinking I may give this a try. Thank you so much for this amazing article.

    1. Thank you David! I am glad I could help!

  4. Hi Delanee,

    I’ve had EMS so many times for my low back and neck injuries. TENS is new to me and to see both working together sounds interesting.

    I like that there are 14 different programs and so many options. Wireless sounds awesome, I had no idea they existed.

    It’s great that the seller is accommodating like that and how Amazon has the 30 day return policy.
    Something for me to think about, thanks!


    1. Yes, now you don’t have the go to the doctor just to get relief. iReliev is making it possible for you to be on the go and the wireless treatment has buyers going crazy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate!

  5. Never heard about this device. As I can see, it has many benefits, but I wonder if it’s intend to replace the normal massage. It’s true, you just cannot run to a masseur in the middle of the night if the pain makes you feel miserable.
    But if the pain persists, should one still use the device?

    1. A TENS and EMS unit can be used for everyday to chronic pain. A massage can absolutely relieve pain but can be very costly, especially if the pain is something you need relief from everyday. TENS units dig deeper and trigger nerves that the massage would not be able to reach. The EMS is just a bonus!

      I would always make sure that you are using the machine correctly & possibly talk to your doctor to make sure it can be used to relieve your pain. If no progress has been made, I would then say to think about returning the item. Seeing that you have 30 days, you might want to be sure it is not working for you.

  6. Hi and thank you for this post. Am I understanding this correctly that it is especially when doing sports or some sort of exercise or movement or can you use it when relaxing as well?

    I know my father-in-law used to have something like this for his feet and used it to stimulate blood flow as he always felt cold etc.

    And another question: Does this every cause any pain or just release it?

    I’m very interested to find out as it would be great to have something to help with muscle spasms.

    1. Hello Petra! Yes, this TENS unit helps during any activity throughout the day to create relief. You can do anything from workout to laying down. The best part about it is creating positive flow throughout the body.

      The iReliev is meant to release pain, if it is causing pain there is definately something wrong. I would suggest starting off on an easy level and working your way up, so you can regulate what works for you!

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