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My feet have to deal with so much, I am on them 80% of every day and don’t stop for a minute!

To add to the wear and tear, working out is an everyday activity. Jumping, climbing, running, and lifting are all a part of my gym routine.

When I go without having quality shoes and great inserts I pay the price. We always try to take the less expensive easy way out, but in the long run we end up spending more money. With that being said, I will never find myself buying $600 orthopedic shoes no matter how great they are for my feet.

When you look up shoes for back pain they are not the most attractive. Am I not allowed to support my body and be stylish at the same time? Do those 2 not go hand in hand?

Today I am going to talk about the best shoes for daily activity that will give you the correct support, allow you to look and feel good at the same time!

The Morning Run.

I am not a runner at all and applaud those that do, especially at the earliest hour of the morning. Keep up the great work, I will cheer you on from my bed 🙂

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo.

In prior models the Pegasus has given runners great toe off, with the shoe sole not being over cushioned. With that being said, runners would be unhappy with the little amount of padding in the shoe.

Now with the Pegasus’s lightweight foam and ability to recover quicker than ever, you can take off quickly and receive the comfort needed throughout your journey.

The rubber bottom is webbed to give your shoe enough durability, but not too much too slow you down.

I would suggest using an insert with any shoe, more support never hurt anyone. The added insert helps your shoe last longer as well, which makes it great that shoe is perfect to order your size and still have room for the insert. Users have noticed that the mesh around the toe of the shoe is a little looser than they would like. As you go inward, the shoe gets a little more snug to support your heel by keeping it located over the cushion.

For Men’s Sizes.

For Woman’s Sizes and Colors.


Afternoon Exercise.

Although there are many choices for a great multi- use gym shoe, we found one that is an overall buyers favorite.

Nike Metcon 4.

The greatest asset to the shoe is the over extended rubber to the side of the shoe. This thin rubber adds stability and protection of your feet during your workout.

Breathability is very important when choosing a shoe for working out, but too thin and the shoe wears down quickly. Luckily the Metcon 4 has a thin rubber that covers the very front of the toe area. This leaves your foot with the ability to breathe and your shoe with the protection it needs to last.

The one major buyer complaint is the outer sole of the shoe coming apart at the bend between your toes and foot. This has been a complaint for many Metcons over the years and has yet to be fixed.

Comfort of the shoe during cross-fit, weight training, tennis, everyday wear, and more seems to be is very high. The shoe itself is lightweight, giving off a barefoot feel.

I would suggest the Selner-TX Inserts with your Metcons, making sure your arch is fully supported with all the pressure that will be forced on your feet.

For Men’s Sizes and Colors.

For Woman’s Sizes and Colors.


Extreme Cushion.

Cutting edge technology has created a shoe that is lightweight and makes you feel as though you are walking on a cloud.

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2.

The eye-catching design is what makes this shoe so much different from any other. Air Sole Technology is used to create support and comfort, because of this technology the shoe is that much more lightweight without the need of a mid sole.

Nike used a Flyknit material for these VaporMax giving you amazing breathability and airflow all day long.

The outer sole the shoe creates a gravity defying experience, by absorbing the shock from every foot step.

Buyers are pleased with how comfortable the shoe is, but the shoe does run a size small and a customer was not pleased with the squeaking on polished floors. Another complaint was from a buyer who had a pod on the bottom of their shoe pop.

These shoes have been promoted as running shoes, but for someone who is on their feet all the time they are perfectly made for work, school, outdoor activities, or running around.

Because of the great technology used to make these shoes, I would try them out before getting an insole to see if it is even needed. Remember that the shoe runs small, so insole size and shoe size need to both be taken into consideration.

For Men’s Sizes and Colors.

For Woman’s Sizes and Colors.


Everyday Lifestyle.

Are there days when you are non-stop going from one place to the next? Need a shoe that you can wear to work, the gym, out with friends, and more?

Nike Air Presto.

Buyers stated that they were very pleased with the style and comfort. Having the ability to wear them all day long and not have to deal with any foot pain at the end of the night is a huge positive.

One major downside is that the Prestos do not come in half sizes. On top of that, buyers have had off-and-on issues with the shoe running a size too big, making it difficult for buyers to determine what size to get.

The body of the shoe is thinner, while the toe area has a little more room. For some who want the extra toe space this is perfect, but with the shoe running large already this was a problem for a couple people.

Overall the Nike Air Presto’s were very popular amongst its buyers and were highly recommended for comfortability.

For Men’s Sizes and Colors.

For Woman’s Sizes and Colors.


More To Come.

When looking up comfortable shoes for back pain, they were all names I was not familiar with and not a style I would end up wearing. I have done a lot of research, but I am always pleased with my purchases from Nike and they always last at least a year or 2.

This is an article made of only Nike Products and not overall companies. There are so many shoes out there that can create some amazing comfort. I went with Nike because they are a recognizable name, a reliable brand, and you can get them almost anywhere. At the end of the day, there is a reason why Nike is the largest shoe company in the world!

Feedback helps me grow!

If there are shoes for back pain that you feel can not be lived without, please let me know! Questions and comments on the shoes listed above are appreciated!

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  1. Hi Delanee

    I came across your article and being a runner myself I agree 100% on the comfort front. Having inserts has been a game changer for me. I am currently rocking the Nike Air Presto and I love them. They are very comfortable and durable. Enjoyed reading your insights. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Anthony!

      Glad you are loving your Air Prestos, I have a pair myself and adore them! Inserts are very important and the key is finding ones that fit your foot structure perfectly! Thank you for the support!

  2. This offers some great information about shoe comfort and buying the right shoe for the job. I’m especially interested because my mom suffers from sciatica, so anything I can learn that will help her is valuable. Thanks for the info!

    1. Anytime! The Selner-TX are my favorite, I made sure to get my Fiancé a pair too! I wish your mom the best!

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